Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Dreams Come True

   Whether this work succeeded or not … the honor of trying is enough. It is always a step in a long run or a stone in a huge wall, whatever it is … I hope the others to adopt it and complete any shortages. It may be a trigger or a motive to their imagination to do better than what I have done and looked for all my life.

     I spent much more than twenty years of work on this theory, and I took a hurry decision to publish it in spite of my awareness that there are many subjects that need more investigation and thorough studying. But what I have done so far should be evaluated, because the work would never finish with this theory as the human knowledge would never reach an end.

     The unification of the human knowledge is a dream, but finding the proper approach is not an easy matter. We hear about attempts east or west about persons trying on it, but I think I could find the right approach. It is really the hard easy job. As it is so easy and clear, we believe that there is nothing new, because sometimes matters may be so simple that we suspect that these facts are known, but the truth is always astonishing. When we are confronted with mathematical problems difficult to solve, we wonder how its solution is so easy when we know it, also science and the entire universe both of them is so simple and clear, but we always miss the answer.

     I don't pretend that all what is mentioned here are absolutely new ideas – the treatment and context are different, so if you have seen the same statements before in a philosophy or science, what you see here is different, since the general framework determines what is meant by these statements that can be found here or elsewhere, exactly as we find the same letters and words in any other text, but the connotation and view are different.

    The objective of theories is to unify phenomena and to find explanation for them all- where theories always change our viewpoint to the universe, thus they are considered a breakthrough in science, and the theory of opposites is one of those that are expected to change our scientific beliefs. It is a start of a new era towards the final truth.

   Almost all the material that is mentioned here is published in Arabic in a book in 2003 entitled: "The Theory of Opposites. The Mathematical Principles of the Philosophy of Nature". Here, I have done some modification and additions to the original publication. What is cited here should be read in sequence to grasp the holistic viewpoint that is indented from these writings, since each subject depends on the previous to constitute a general integrated perspective.

   The second part of this theory has not been published yet, which I consider as assertion and confirmation about all what is mentioned here; that is by setting up more generalization and developing computer programs that are based on the concepts mentioned here. I consider the second part is more important than the first one; and both of them represent a remarkable and an impressive turnover on our thoughts and truths about the whole human knowledge.

   I hope this work to be judged fully and partially, and partially I know there may be some unsound points, but the general idea I hope to be all right and new.

    So, what I'm expecting after evaluation just two words: This work is wrong or right, and the second word: it is important or unimportant. Concerning the first, I have the answer because I have developed a computer program based upon the concepts mentioned here (which is able to deduce a consistent set of rules between any number of symbols, where this program can be downloaded from this link:, so there would be no doubt to deny it somehow, and remains the second word pending.

   Discoveries always happen at one of two extremes: the simple one or the most sophisticated at the far reached end, whereas the one that is mentioned here belongs to a very elementary discovery (which is a requisite for unification), so the judgment is very easy and unmistakable, so also it is astonishing.

   The idea behind the whole work here is concerning the known sign rules which are: +x+=+, -x-=+,+x-=-, but this is not the only possible sign rules, because we can deduce a consistent set between any number of states and give interpretation for it and apply it to natural disciplines through the concept of states and opposition.

   This is simply the whole idea with impressive consequences and impacts on our scientific and philosophical viewpoints. I hope the reader to find at least one sentence and new facts that worth mentioning.